About Us

Between our group of companies, we offer quite a few services to Humboldt County. Real estate has always been a passion for us. Over the years we have built out and remodeled dozens of homes. We understand how to keep projects onetime and on budget.

Several services we offer have come from customers believing in a service we offer and asking us to take on another service for them. This is how Vacation Rental Management came to be for us. We had several customers unhappy with what was available in Humboldt County and asked us to assist them. Once we got their properties dialed in we decided to open the services to others looking for help.

A Visser Family Business

Serving Humboldt County Since 1985

  • Shred Aware

    Information Destruction and Consulting

  • Bio Waste Resources

    Medical Waste Disposal and Consulting

  • Developed Employment

    Employment Services

  • Visser Advisors

    Consulting for Businesses and Individuals